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In praise of Rob Schremp Hockey, out for the season

Oh Rob Schremp Hockey, say it ain't so.

I'm so sorry that just as you showed yourself to be a worthy Islander, you caught the indoctrination curse so many Islanders must accept: Whether it's still-juniors Calvin De Haan (shoulder) and Travis Hamonic (shoulder), towering AHL goalie prospect Mikko Koskinen (hip), or just-established NHLers Andrew MacDonald (broken foot), or now you (knee), Islanders fans know if there's a reason to get excited about you, then a long-term injury cannot be far behind.

When Garth Snow took the near-no-brainer step to scoop you up off waivers, I was not your biggest doubter, but I do confess what all those meany Oilers pundits said about you gave me pause. So did the YouTube hype (Admittedly, the word "dangle" is anathema to me.). So did the (pre-Islanders) third-person reference to "Rob Schremp hockey," which, again, I confess I secretly loved in a ready-made bloggy nickname kind of way.

Yet you showed Islanders fans you have a place in this league. You did and said all the right things, you went through the wing experiment without complaint, you accepted your chances at center with often subpar linemates, and you used your creativity to provide offense, slicing passes, and general hope when many of your teammates could think of no more interesting options than north, south and a pile of dust.

File under 'Nice Debut' GP G A P +/- PIM PPG SHG TOI PPtoi SOG PCT
2009-10 - Rob Schremp 44 7 18 25 -4 8 5 0 13:54 2:33 74 9.5


Your first NHL goal was a smart but funny bounce with a hilarious celebration worthy of the name Rob Schremp Hockey. Your third NHL goal was instantly YouTube-worthy -- and in a totally relevant and not show-offy way! It was like karma was finally on your side! (Except the whole "promising young Islander part," which we should have seen coming). You started off slow, but had 20 points in your final 26 games, excluding the four measly shifts you had in Philadelphia before the Islanders Curse struck you down.

(I don't really know how you hurt your meniscus the other night. The Versus broadcast didn't seem to replay it (unless I missed it), and this is the NHL -- so why would they be specific about how an injury happened? We're just lucky to find out the reason you're gone for the season is more than "day-to-day, body injury.")

And now what do you get for seizing your first real shot in the NHL? The Islanders injury curse, of course. Some say we're still paying karma points for an undocumented Faustian deal on those first four Cups. Others hope we're paying advance karma points for the next Cup, whenever it arrives. Whatever the case, it's a crying shame you've been robbed of a nice finish just as you were becoming a steady Isle.

But you entertained us, yes you did. So we'll be waiting for more once you get back from this standard Islanders rite of passage. See you in China.