I need your help, Lighthouse Hockey Universe - Help me decide who will grace my next jersey

Since we don't have any serious Islanders news for the next couple of weeks (Unless Streit does something heroic or gets injured), I thought I would pose this question now. Who should I get on my next Islanders jersey?

After long contemplation I have decided to purchase a new Islanders jersey. IThe last time I bought an Islanders jersey was about eight years ago when I got my Steve Webb 20 and an authentic Fisherman in one fell swoop. Since this is quite the investment (the lowest customized price I was able to find was roughly 165 with shipping), I don't want to rush into whom I would like to put on the back. So I want your help in deciding what jersey I should be rocking.

Alright, first I have a couple of guidelines as to my choices. I don't want to be another DiPi or JT in the crowd. While I love those guys, I want a little bit of originality in my choice. I have already decided it will be this season's 3rd/next season's regular. I also want to avoid any major jersey fouls so I don't wind up on Puck Daddy. I've narrowed it down to eight choices in two groups, current and past Islanders.


Josh Bailey - Pro: One of the two current Isles I've been leaning heavily towards. Coming into his own this season. Con: Well, none that I can really think of other then in a couple of years if he continues to get better the 12 replica will just be another face in the crowd (And that's not necessarily a bad thing).

Sean Bergenheim - Pro: I love how this guy plays. He's aggresive on the forecheck, responsible defensively, does all the small things that don't show up in the box score. Con: He might not be here that much longer. He's constantly on the trade block/waiver wire

Andy MacDonald - Pro: Looks like he will be a cog in the blue line for years to come. I got to see him develop in Bridgeport the past few years. He just keeps improving every game. Con: Like questions about people looking to get Martin jerseys now, will he wear 47 beyond the end of this year? I almost invested in a DiPietro #1 jersey, and I am rather glad I didn't as he switched to 39 shortly thereafter.

Jesse Joensuu - Pro: Like aMac, a guy I've had the pleasure of watchign develop down on the farm. Again, I love how he plays, going to the net and playing a sound defensive game. Con - Like aMac, will he keep 58 past this season?


Kenny Jonsson - Pro: You don't know what you got 'till it's gone. Jonsson was here through the bad, and luckily some of the good as well. To know all you need to know about Jonsson, just look at the video of Tommy Salo's gaffe in 2002, while all the other players on Sweden are staring dumbstruck as the puck trickles in the net, he is diving head first trying to knock it away. Cons - Well, there were all those concussions. And that did lead to him leaving permamently for Sweden.

Tommy Soderstrom - Pro: I always wanted that helmet. He, like another one of my favorite goalies Archie Irbe, was also not that big (5'9"), and I have a soft sport for short goalies (Maybe it's because I tried to be one unsuccesfuly) Cons: Well, he kinda sucked when he was an Isle.

Pat LaFontaine - Pro: While honestly I never really had the chance to root for Pat as an islander, this one has a special meaning for me. When my 6 month old nephew was in Maria Fereri Childrens' Hospital at Westchester Medical Center a year ago after sustaining a serious head injury, Pat was there visiting as part of his Companions in Courage with Lord Stanley. I remember getting the call from my brother-in-law (Sabres fan) while I was at work that Pat had decided to spent a while visiting with my nephew and his family. He didn't need to, but he did. Cons: Well, he was kinda before my time.


Calvin de Haan - Pro: Future PP QB of the Islanders. Pretty much set what number he will wear (3). Untapped potential. Update: I can change my name to De Haans and Franz (HT to bob l). Cons: As a prospect still in Juniors he is still a great unknown.

Mikko Koskinen - Pro: He's Big, he'll probably be a part of this organization for a while and who knows he might be the Isles 1A down the lien. Cons: Just kidding. I would truely be insane to get this jersey now with him playing in all of 2 AHL games in his career and just coming off of labrum surgery.

So there you have it. Personally out of the eight serious ones, four are really under serious consideration (Bailey, aMac, Jonsson and LaFontaine). Any others I should consider? I want to stick to players from the time I have been a fan, so 93-94 season to present and not nececarily the "marque" type players either.

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