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Islanders-Senators [commercial faux holiday game thread]

Next Game

Ott-slow_medium Stripes-square_medium
Ottawa Senators (35-22-4, 5th/E) at New York Islanders (25-28-8, 12th/E)
5 p.m. EST | Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Vets. Mem. Coliseum | MSG+, radio
Home of Campoli: Silver Seven

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Mrs. Lighthouse and I, we're not into the commercialized, price-gorging practices of this greeting card company "holiday." What a load of bull! This is "Mrs. Lighthouse" speaking: The truth is he's worn me down with years of rants about the absurdity of what he calls "one corporation developing its own cottage industry to tell us when and how to treat our loved ones," so I don't even bother anymore. Really, he just hates paying a premium for flowers. Cheap Czech.
But we do try to get out and so something (not Hallmark-oriented) nice on a Sunday afternoon. So I may not be around for the game thread, thinking two afternoon games in one supposedly special weekend might be a bit much even for me.

Whether I make it here or not, here's your game thread, greeting card free. Be yours to hold it high. And hey, you NHL Olympians: Be careful out there.