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Islanders @ Bruins [game thread]

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Nyi-stickheelnd_medium Bos-se_medium
New York Islanders (5-15-5, 30th) at Boston Bruins (15-8-3, 8th)
bank or enema brand or acronym for touchdown or some such] Garden
7 p.m. EST | MSG+ (HD), NESN (HD), NHL audio - WRHU 88.7
Where "Milbury" isn't a dirty word:
Stanley Cup of Chowder

Complete Coverage >

DiPietro in. Reportedly Rask too. Go JJ, go JJ, go. This is our official in-game comment thread and playhouse.

A very partial list of FIG's from the preview thread follows:

FIG's pulled from the first comment and replies to it (in other words, they who follow directions. There are others, and they count if they win, but I was too lazy to dig them all up. Also, if you didn't post to the initial comment by 6-ish or so then I don't have it here -- but only because I had to schedule the post and run):

FIG: Frans on a shorty 14:52 by Les Beaver
JT 37:28 by OzzyFan
Moulson 10:25 by Marcos V
FIG: Grabner @ 13:37 by meigs1414
Hillen @ 22:16 by O.Bender (Welcome, newb!)
OIG: Grabner - 27:13 by mikefromVA [note: "OIG," very nice. Cheeky.]
Parentau 15:12 by JPinVA
Hamonic @15:00 by Anarcurt
Grabner 19:56 by Zhora
Wiz 23:15 by andrew430
Amac 12:40 by quin8722
Grabs 28:50 by pgat28
Fig joensuuuuuuuuuuuu. 12:12 by Torch7
not sure if it will be Frans but believe it will be that line by Rickfansince76 [note, this won't actually count, but the sentiment is appreciated anyway]
FIG -NONE by kcNYI [nor does this, unless someone can think of proper specifics. Actually, I guess "none" should count, since it's less likely than a goal happening. But wait...more likely than picking the right one. Oh, hell...]