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Islanders Bits: We talkin' practice?

Now Promoted: A Finn Named Jesse.
Now Promoted: A Finn Named Jesse.

Some read Monday's off day after the Sunday afternoon loss to the Flyers as an exclamation point on the anonymous "country club" comment. But from reports on Tuesday's practice, that's not what Jack Capuano had in mind. He followed the off-day with a boot camp style practice yesterday, as the links below explain. Of note both at yesterday and at today's practice: Jesse Joensuu is on the line with John Tavares and Matt Moulson.

Apologies for the delayed post today -- Internet issues on my end. (Yes, it's 2010, but I still can't count on a reliable connection.) Check later for WebBard's overarching post on the progress of the rebuild.


Practice? We Talkin' 'bout Practice?: Newsday write-up [temporarily not $5 please] ... 7th Woman [HockeyBuzz] is among several questioning some of the "swagger"-type quotes ... NYIFYI was another, and he has a couple of interesting notes, including Wiz's drop in ice time ... Steve Mosco also brings the snark, at THW.

Of Tables, Round in Nature: B.D. Gallof arranged a roundtable on the state of the Isles from several voices, including yours truly [edit: and TMC's truly]. Range of opinions there. I was also in a roundtable last night with bloggers for the "disappointing" teams this year. More on that later this week.

Team Site Stuff: Zenon Konopka answered your questions ... Friday Garth Snow will answer other questions ... feature on Matt Martin's development.

Bridgeport: Webby's prospect update from yesterday here ... Michael Fornabaio's chat replay from yesterday there.

FanPosts Here: A simple game from Ozzy: Look at the roster and say who stays, who goes ... Les asks for your bright sides ... Quin asks for thoughts on what can be divined from the Nassau Master Plan ...