The Isles and the upcoming "Nassau County Master Plan"

I stumbled across a local Hicksville news article which led me to the Nassau County Master Plan for development and infrastructure.  Here they mention several sites in need of development and the tax breaks that are applicable.  It is extremely long (as official documents tend to be) and there is a public commenting period that has been extended. The most interesting thing about the "Action Plan" (for us) are these bullets;

3. Market county sports, entertainment and tourism attractions
4. Strategically utilize Industrial Development Agency to retain and attract businesses in the sports, entertainment and tourism industries

Why is this not being discussed as it pertains to the Islanders lately?  Especially considering the new criticisms and panic?

Links after the jump

The Nassau County Draft 2010 Master Plan Website

The "Action Plan"

I have not been able to read these in any kind of productive way, but I know BC and JP have has some interesting banter about location and relocation possibilities and seem to understand civics and zoning far better than I do at least.  I'm interested in seeing some thoughts on some of what's in here.  The action plan seems to be relatively easy to negotiate.  Sorry, I know this isn't "Hockey", but with what appears to be the needs and wants of the county according to these documents, it looks like The Lighthouse Project would be would have been a pretty appropriate move.

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