Some of you may remember me pushing Teemu Pulkinnen at one point for an Islander draft pick. The irony is that Garth could have picked him as well as Nino and Kirilll. He eventually went in the fourth round to Detroit.His drop was due to injuries. Garth may regret not picking him. He is absolutely dominating this game...even though the US leads 2-1. He helped create Finland's goal and came oh so close three or four other times to creating goals. Brock Nelson did have a good moment in the first when he dug a puck out of the boards behind the Finnish net and made a wrap around bid. In other news,Nino led the Swiss to a 4-3 win with a goal and an assist. Gabriel Landeskog was a dominant force for the Swedes in their 7-1 drubbing of Norway. He had a goal and an assist on four shots. Adam Larsson had only one shot and no points. Couturier actually had a secondary assist, but Landeskog would seem to be the best of the three today.

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