Let's Make a New Goal Song

Let's face it, Live is Life is terrible, uninspiring and boring.  About the only thing it has going for it is that fans can actually participate (na na nanana).  Submit youtube clips of song candidates.  Rec those you like.  After a month or so, (or if we have enough submissions earlier) I'll take the highest rec'd songs and add a poll for a final vote.

Maybe after that, when we score, we can post it into game threads for our own enjoyment, or send it over to the Isles to see if they want to use it.  Another idea can be to have a goal song per player based on their play, and a fight/hit song for those who usually don't show up on the scoresheet.  Procedure after the jump.


                  !AND DON'T FORGET TO REC 'EM SO WE CAN VOTE!

Put the band name in the subject, song title and link to youtube in the body.  Keep each entry separate so we know which song we are voting for.  some of us had some fun sharing music in the game recap last night...these are the things that help us through re-builds!

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