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Predators 5, Islanders 0: Walking disaster

Like I'm supposed to recap that? Nah. Don't think so. They didn't earn the energy it would take.

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Final - 12.13.2010 1 2 3 Total
New York Islanders 0 0 0 0
Nashville Predators 1 2 2 5

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A shame Rhett Rakhshani's (11:44) NHL debut was in such a lifeless game. He and Frans Nielsen-Michael Grabner (just 10:20) made up a decent line at times when given the opportunity. John Tavares showed some life, but to no avail. The powerplay was completely vacuous again. But the Isles managed to let the Predators' awful powerplay score.

If you want the traditional quick story of the game:

The Isles conceded a soft-call penalty in the first period, which resulted in a Predators powerplay goal. Not the end of the world, but a tough-luck start. It was followed in the second period by repeated sustained periods in which they couldn't clear the puck or manage a breakout, which led to a second Predators goal, followed by a soft nutmeg goal on Dwayne Roloson. At 3-0 midway through the second, you know the drill. That was the end of the world, the rest is just playing out the string. Good teams protect leads against bad teams in this league.

Roloson made an absolute meal of things on the meaningless fourth goal. Then the fifth goal was on a garbage time 5-on-3 that began as a 5-on-4 when Matt Moulson got the only penalty in a mutual slashing affair.

Game Highlights

Other Notes

Notes? Thee are no notes. This game stunk.

  • Okay fine, one note: I'm not sure why Rakh and Grabner got so little time. Jesse Joensuu, only 8:56 while Jon Sim 15:34. Seriously, I don't follow. I was admittedly day-dreaming or in our in-game thread/group therapy session though for much of the game.
  • [ADDENDUM]: On the topic of ice time, Capuano said in his post-game audio that the JJ/Konopka/Martin line actually got more ice time than normal. I guess you could infer he's trying to balance lines.
  • Okay fine, second note: Bruno Gervais with Dylan Reese does not work. I'm not a massive fan of single-game Corsi figures, but their story is told well there, marked by a couple awful shifts. Wisniewski, to Katie Strang, on partners: “I know for me personally, I’ve had about six [defensive] partners, so that’s tough as it is,” Wisniewski said. “You get used to someone and you get use to their tendencies—where they’re going to be and how you’re going to do things."
  • Oh alright, three -- but don't think I don't see what you're doing here. Blake Comeau: 19:02, one shot.
  • What, four now? I really can't keep a promise, can I? Nice to see Frans Nielsen and Andrew MacDonald wear deserving if merely replacement "A's" tonight.

Now What?

There are calls -- or is it just expectation? -- for the proverbial "shake-up" trade. But of course the problem with that is that the team is in this pickle because of bad or underperforming players, and the previous two adjectives are not ones often applied to players other teams seek. To receive, you must give:

GM 1: "Hey. what's up."
GM 2: "Nothin'. Just keepin' it real. Prank-calling Colin Campbell at 3 a.m."
GM 1: "Cool."
GM 2: "What's up with you?"
GM 1: "I've got some bad and underperforming players. You want any?"
GM 2: "Really?! Awesome! That's exactly what I need. I'll give you someone good for them..."
GM 1: "Really?!"
GM 2: "No."
GM 1: "Oh, well I thought maybe..."
GM 2: "Look, I gotta go. I got Heckuva Job Colie on the other line."

There's also the thought to bring Josh Bailey, who has produced steadily at Bridgeport, back up. But of course the team's problem isn't exactly at center (unless you're replacing Zenon Konopka and accepting whichever of Tavares-Nielsen-Schremp-Bailey gets the short end of TOI each night). And I'm not sure once you've sent Bailey away from this mess you want to bring him back into it so soon. Maybe he's done his penance though. It would be the easiest talent upgrade available.

But I'm not exactly clear on what should be done, and there are no easy answers here. With one win in 21, this team can't buy a break, and every time a decent effort is sabotaged by bad breaks, it's followed up by a game like tonight where you wonder how they'll ever win.

Six losses in a row (again). Shutout (again). Everything's Gone Green:

Help me, somebody help me
I wonder where I am
I see my future before me
I'll hurt you when I can

It seems like I've been here before
It seems like I've been here before
It seems like I've been here before
It seems like I've been here before

Confusion sprung up from devotion
A halo that covers my eyes

Sorry. I try to treat these recaps, even in the depths of despair, as ways to maybe see something different or find another thing to look at. But tonight I don't have it. Not even mild pick-me-ups.

So I'll leave it to Butch Goring for the line of the night, as quoted by Zhora and inspiring a song (a couple of comments later) by mikb:

"The New York Knicks are finally winning some hockey games."