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Great Moments in Sports Journalism

 And we’re back!  Let’s go to Jim Hill for sports.  Jim?

Thanks, Puck Daddy!  Tonight is a big night for you hockey fans: a game between first-place teams!

Uh… Jim?

What's the problem?  This is a big story!

Yes… but Jim, that’s not the right Kings logo.

I don’t follow you.  It’s the Kings.  They play right here in Los Angeles!  It’s of local interest!

That’s all good, Jim… but that logo is the Sacramento Kings.  They’re not a hockey team.

Well, a King is a King, right?  And they’re in first place.

There’s a basketball right in the logo, Jim.

OK – fine, whatever.  First-place Kings and first-place Lightning, who are apparently named for some sort of natural phenomenon.  Isn’t that strange?

Elsewhere in sports, Tampa’s division rivals, the Panthers, were in action against the Oilers.

Jim… is this a prank or something?

Of course not!  It was an exciting game – the Panthers won 4-2 behind 117 yards rushing and 9 strikeouts from Dwayne Wade.

Guys?  The switchboard is lit up like Times Square.  We’re actually able to see the glow on picture.  DO SOMETHING.

Well, Jim – thanks for that update!  When we come back from the break -

Hold on a minute!  I was about to cover the elections.

Aw, f-


My thanks to Puck Daddy and his wonderful readers for finding the original picture... The remaining flights of fancy are solely my fault. I hope the alt-tags work on the pictures.