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Hurricanes 7, Islanders 2: Well that was poor.

The Islanders matched -- even exceeded? -- their futility from Saturday's loss to the Flyers with a nice 6-2 loss in Carolina. It makes for five consecutive losses in a row. And there's really nothing more I need to say about that.

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Final - 11.3.2010 1 2 3 Total
New York Islanders 0 0 2 2
Carolina Hurricanes 3 2 2 7

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Pick your favorite scapegoat(s), initiate the usual rants: "[Scapegoat X] should be cut/traded/fired/demoted/actually hit someone." If you were spared the carnage, the highlight clips are representative, I'm sure. The Hurricanes opened with five consecutive even strength goals.

Game Highlights

(Should load when it's up.)


No notes. Everybody bad. Sad pandas throughout. With Michael Grabner scoring the first Islanders goal (P.A. Parenteau got the second), we didn't even have a winner in the first goal pool.

Trying times for the whole club and Scott Gordon's search for answers. This was an NHL hockey game for about the first five minutes, then the Hurricanes got the first powerplay (killed off, but still), then Rick DiPietro, as he is wont to do, went behind the net to play the puck but did not come out with it, and the Hurricanes scored. Then the team completely folded. (That's not to place this disaster on DiPietro...just explaining how the night went from NHL hockey to amateur hour, as every blowout does.)

Funny Stat Just for the Absurdity of it All

Erik Cole, Jussi Jokinen and Tuomo Ruutu were each somehow minus-1 on the night, while Bruno Gervais was +1. This means nothing, but it's still funny.

As for other observations, I don't have the energy and they were already tossed out in the sad panda game thread. Lucky for us, the fun resumes right away Thursday night in Ottawa. (Can't exactly bag skate them now, sadly.)