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Bits: Savoring a win, and a points streak

Had grander content plans for this Saturday, but holiday domestic and family duties have jumped me like an endless department store loop of Christmas Muzak. At least in moments of reverie, I can think back to how the monkey is gone from the Islanders' back. The losing streak is no more. Why, put the right lens on and they even have a three-game point streak when you add the two regulation points previously earned.

It's a long way until the Rangers home-and-home; in the mean time, what goalie do you see getting which start? Which further line tinkering do you desire? (Will Doug Weight (back) be back by Wednesday?)

Round up of post-win links after the jump. Check the FanPosts and FanShots (woe, Cox) for lots else to talk about.

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  • Rock bottom, says In Lou We Trust
  • Counting the final seconds down at NYIFYI [video] (yeah, it's not a Cup-lifting, but it will have to do for now)
  • Running with the wicked witch theme, and lots of individual observations [Eyes on the Isles]
  • Cheers to ending the streak wit da yoofs [THW]
  • Wrap of various post-game quotes [7th Woman, and then HB]
  • The Isles need a win anyway they could get it; thank God for the Devils [IPB]


  • More on the crazy shootout win for Bridgeport. [Fornabaio] Look for WebBard's weekly BST/prospects update Sunday.
  • Sharing the joy of hockey from father to sons...and to German exchange student [Hockey Crazy]