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Hockey Thanksgiving for...

No matter how tough it gets, I'm thankful for pure moments like these.
No matter how tough it gets, I'm thankful for pure moments like these.

You know this is what you'll see on a lot of U.S.-based sites on this American holiday, but I can't help it. Much to be grateful for.

There isn't a whole lot of Isles coverage on this day, so if you're here, you can discuss last night's game in the recap or check out the many still-active FanPosts. In between bites of turkey I'm working on a quarterly report card for each player (all in one post) whic will serve as fodder this weekend. Speaking of, Friday's matinee vs. the Devils is another Food Drive game -- donate three or more items and you get a ticket voucher for the Duck (Dec. 16) or Canucks (Jan. 11) game.

Meanwhile, what are you thankful for? Be as sincere or silly as you like, as hockey- or non-hockey focused as you please.

I'm hockey thankful for...:

Travis Hamonic, who should be a bright spot in the future.

Hockey jerseys. From childhood to now, there's something about that fabric, those colors, the visual identity that lasts longer (in most cases) than any player, coach or announcer.

Finds like Matt Moulson, rewards for keeping at it.

Ice. Skates. The sound of cutting into the ice. The crisp air of a hockey rink or a frozen pond. The feeling of a saucer pass well sent and well received. The feeling when a goalie shifts side-to-side just enough to create an opening. The sound on the boards -- and the ooohs in the crowd -- after a thundering Sutton-like hit.

The joyous authority and random reward of the scoreboard, which sometimes reflects who's "playing well," but quite often does not. The scoreboard isn't always just -- and that's why any team has a chance any night.

All the contributors, commenters, lurkers and secret fans at this site. To name each of you and why you make me think/laugh/cry or all of the above would take all day -- and that's a great sign. Thanks everybody for visiting, creating, entertaining and feeding the discussion. I'm humbled by how you treat this place; it SO makes it worth it.

Leave your own thoughts/sentiments as you wish. Finally, my one non-hockey thank you I'll force you to see: I'm thankful for family and the moments and memories they provide. Siblings, spouses, in-laws and beyond, I've got one of the coolest families, grounded in what's important in this life that is too often too short. I don't deserve such luck, but I'll happily take it.