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The Price is Right! - Islanders Game-Worn Jersey Edition

This is what I'm forced to wear now that they're selling my used jerseys?
This is what I'm forced to wear now that they're selling my used jerseys?

So I was skimming through the MeiGray Group's Islanders game-word jersey selection the other day. It is pretty interesting, and the best place to pick up that Josh Bailey Game Worn Jersey you've had your eye on. But for every Bailey, Nielsen or Martinek there are a whole bunch of "Who? Who is that and when did he play for the Isles?" Many of these are from Preseason, not the regular season, and therefore many never actually saw time with the Isles. But there are some interesting ones...

Now, if you are interested, we have a decent short term distraction from the mess of the Isles season. So we're going to play "The Price is Right" and see if you can match up the asking price of each jersey.

So the price range here is $75.00 to $1750.00. You assign the prices in the comments and I'll respond whether you're right, or need to go lower or higher.

Start off with a nice offering, from the 2008-2009 season a Josh Bailey 3rd Jersey (Throwback) from his rookie year. NHL game worn, damage to one of the elbows sewn up.

Second offering: A Gordie Dwyer Home (Blue) jersey from the 2008-2009 preseason. Dwyer was released before the season started and is currently out of work after fighting his way through Sweden's third tier.

Third offering: Shawn Bates, 3rd season set Away (White) from the 2006-2007. While game issued, Bates didn't play the second half of the season due to injury, so not actually game worn.

Fourth offering: Johan Halvardsson, Home (Blues) from the 2006-2007 preseason. Halvardsson, the Swedish incarnation of Brendan Witt, came over hoping to break through on a blueline that featured greats like MA Bergeron, Allan Rourke and Drew Fata. Instead so severely injured his knee in his 8th game with Bridgeport that he wound up retiring from it. Worn, but only in preseason.

Fifth offering: "Alexei" Poulin, training camp from 2008-2009. Actually Kevin Poulin, MeiGray screwed up the first name on the site. Not even preseason game worn.

Sixth offering: Sean Bergenheim 3rd (Blue Throwback) from 2008-2009. Game worn.

Seventh offering: Todd Simpson 3rd (Orange Nightmares) from 2006-2007. Released by the Islanders after training camp, played in Germany that year. Not game worn.

Eighth offering: Maxime Ouellet Away (White) 2007-2008. Another guy released before the season started. This was preseason only.

Ninth Offering: Andy Hilbert RBK Edge Practice Jersey from 2007-2008. Really?

Tenth and final offering: Gino Odjick, 2nd set home (white) from the 1999-2000 season. Game worn, but by Gino Odjick... So does that really count?


MeiGray is fun to check out, especially to see guys like Steve Reiger, Jason Guerriero and Bryan Rodney were once in fact a part of this organization.