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Top 9 Ways We're Coping with Things

The Islanders' 13-game winless streak (0-11-2) has been rough on us all. It brings out the ugly, the desperate, the combative, and the zany in everyone.

Because losing sucks. But levity helps. What follows are the Top 9 Ways We're Coping with Things this week:

9. Talking about how great John Tavares Erik Gudbranson Adam Larsson will look wearing the NYI.

8. Laughing at how Brett Favre's cellphone discretion matches his pass selection.

7. Still...kinda wishing we were Brett Favre. I mean, he has nice things.

6. Watching Isles games anyway...not that we particularly care.

5. Voting for Frans. Early and often. #Vote4Frans!

4. Sitting back, pouring a drink, rocking with the smug satisfaction that we'll take the Man Games Lost to Injury title yet again. That's a dynasty, baby.

3. Guiding the Islanders through NHL11 to win the Cup to score more than one godforsaken goal per game -- even if it costs us our thumbs, our significant others, and any remnant sinew of dignity.

2. Counting down the days to the first Hamonic Smash.

1. Trying to get "reCLINER after reCLINER" out of our head.