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Islanders vs. Thrashers: A 5 p.m. Sunday delight

Atlanta, within a few wins' (lol, he said "wins") reach for the Islanders just last week, demolished Washington who sits atop the league even still. The 5-0 score was ridiculous, something you had to double-take several times before believing it. Alexander Burmistrov's highlight reel goal to make that game 5-0 deserved all its praise, but what was lost in the raves was how epically awful the Caps defense was on that play. You want to talk about passengers? By the end of that play, there were four Capitals just watching, clearly hoping to just get to the bus and be done with that game.

Nyi-y_medium              Thrash-hub_medium
New York Islanders (4-12-3, 30th) @ Atlanta Thrashers (8-9-3, 23rd)
5 p.m. | [not Samsung] Arena | MSG+ | NHL audio - WRHU 88.7
Not missing Ilya much, thanks: Bird Watchers Anonymous

Point is, anything can happen in this game. While the Isles have been hideous, one of these days a weird singularity like that one will occur and you're going to come home and find out the Isles winless streak finally ended. I have no idea when that will be, but today a freaking point would be nice. ... A point to life, that is. (I know a point in the standings is much more elusive.)

For those keeping track, Erick Hornick has just how close we are to a franchise record.

NYIFYI has more from Eaton discussing their struggles: "We have to know it's not necessarily the coach. It's the guys in here. ... We cost a guy his job."

Rick DiPietro starts. Some of us watch. Since we have compressed back-to-backs here and I don't expect as big a crowd for this team on an early Sunday evening, this will be our official game thread. Note: Due to the game schedule, WebBard's weekly prospect update will be tomorrow.