Islanders toast already?

The last thing I want to seem like is a reactionary, and it's depressing to count your team out so early in a season, but I started doing some mental calculations (which may already call into question their validity) and things already look pretty hopeless for the Isles.

  • Last season the Islanders finished in thirteenth place with a grand total of 79 points in what was considered a "weak" Eastern Conference, with a record of 34 wins, 37 losses, and 11 OT/SO losses.
  • The Islanders currently have 11 points
  • The Islanders have 65 more games left in the season, for a possible 130 points up for grabs. (Please correct me if my count is wrong, here)
  • In order to meet the 79 points they earned last season, the Islanders need 34 more victories (for the sake of simplicity I am not factoring in OT/SO losses)

So, 34 out of 65 games, huh? That's a little more than half, and bear in mind that this is just to meet their point total from last season, which was not sufficient for entry to the playoffs. Montreal and Philly squeaked in with 88 points each, and assuming that would be sufficient this year, the Islanders would need an additional 5 victories, meaning that the Isles would need to win 39 out of 65 games for a total of 89 points ("rounding up" and leaving out OT losses again for simplicity's sake).

Raise your hands if that seems impossible :( At this point, the Islanders' hopes rest on an improbable turnaround and perhaps the Western Conference kicking the tar out of everyone in the East all season to keep Eastern Conference point totals down. And the second part of that statement grates on me - I'm a bit tired of always counting on the failure of other teams to further the Isles' cause, but that's a topic for another fanpost. One wonders how a team that is ostensibly "better" than last season's is on track to possibly have a worse record.

Dom, you mind if I co-opt your Blues fandom? A brother needs to feel rewarded by a team he roots for sometimes.

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