How'd You Get Here?

Hey... we're Americans! We're all from "SOMEWHERE" My question is,  How'd you get to LHH.

My story after the jump.

Recent FP's and Front Page Posts made me wonder how this community was formed.  I basically come from a thread that was started by Alan Hahn in Newsday, extended to Logan's (also Newsday) Blog and then to Chris Botta's NYIPB.

Hahn basically started it for me in the "ASK ALAN" section of the ONLINE NEWSDAY. I'm in Richmond VA so this was a great way to feel connected to the fanbase again. After Alan was Knixed Greg Logan tried to continue and expand the forum.... It started to become less informative and way less "interactive"... a lot of sniping and amazingly less Islander-centric insight.

Then Botta got axed and the world seemed to open up. At first the SPONSORED VERSION where the community started to form from folks coming over from different Islander blogs for INFO and dropping off their thoughts.. and then it grew to a nation of sycophants. That blog has been through a lot, and Chris has shared some great stories about the team and his past... he still does. Plus he has the greatest rolodex in the business. A lot of newsday regulars became permanent NYIPB posters... especially after the paywall. Man does that suck... I pay for Newsday on my Kindle and I still can't read it online.

Anyway... After spouting off a few too many times, pushing a button or two and taking up way more bandwidth on a space reserved for ("Nice job Chris" or "Exactly" or even somewhat less thougth out rebuttal's) Chris pointed me here. It was a pretty nice email that basically said, "Hey, Dominik does a great job over at LHH and I think you'll enjoy the community more"

Well.. he was definitely right. A lot of the same people are here, but the forum is one of more free expression, respectful debate and I often find myself laughing at a lot of the comments.... it's also pretty damn informative.

I couldn't tell a Corsi from a corset before LHH. Hmmm... maybe we can add "wearing a corset" to the glossary to be used by somebody hwho has a string of negative Corsi's. 

See... crap like that comes up all the time.  Glad I'm here... Chris was right. Dom does an EXCELLENT job, and so do the other ENFORCERS, SNIPERS and EMERITI.

Take some time, Vote on the poll and tell your story in comments.  And if you're new don't forget to register and add yourself to the map.

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