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Islanders-Sharks [game thread]

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New York Islanders (4-9-2) @ San Jose Sharks (6-5-2)
10:30 p.m. EST | The [PC load letter] Tank | MSG+, audio - WRHU 88.7
Home for 2nd-Chance Finnish Goalies: Fear the Fin
Islanders Gameday: Eight Stages of Losing

Complete Coverage >

It is very late. I am very not here. Whatdoyousay we really try to win this one, guys? A partial but not comprehensive list of FIG choices after the jump; otherwise get yours in the first comment thread before you tuck the kids in bed, put the biscuit in the basket, hide the cookies in the--what?

Partial First Islander Goal Pick List

Jon [Sim] 3:16 -- Les Beaver (he didn't leave a time with his Bruno pick, so we're going with his Biblical one)

Jesus 12:25 -- quin8722

Mark Eaton 4:51 -- Hakker (the current season leader, btw)

Tavares 3:20 -- OzzyFan

Bailey 12:13 -- Zhora

DiPietro own goal or Gervais 7:00 -- Anarcurt

Moulson 26:15 -- MTBVibe

Hunter 27:17 -- FransFanBoy

Nielsen 13:32 -- meigs1414

Martin 32:00 - Marcos V

Grabner 14:20 - mikb

Tavares 5:01 -- Torch7 (it's like he was playing Price of Right on Ozzy)

Moulson 49:17 -- Dougtone

And the likely winner: Okposo 7:11 Dec. 9 -- randyboyd

Any others I missed from the old thread, well I was napping. (Seriously.) We'll sort it out.