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Bits: 36 hours till the Coliseum screams "NINO!"

"36 hours till The Mustache rides again."
"36 hours till The Mustache rides again."

Only 36 hours before, if last year can be repeated, the Coliseum leaps to its feet for a beloved rookie's first NHL goal. (Hey, we can hope it follows the script, can't we?)

Stay tuned for what I think is a really fun season preview -- roundtable style -- later today. So check back 'round midday for references to Gran Torino and The Office's one and only "Creed." Oh, plus hockey talk.

For now, links and a special vintage Steve Thomas video after the jump:

Finally, in honor of some proper white "home" (they'll always be home to me) jerseys returning, here's Stumpy in a prior incarnation:

That's all for now but do come back in a few for the roundtable. Meanwhile...going to any games this weekend?