DiPietro vs. Roloson: The complaint, denial and observation thread...

It seems like every post is starting to get dominated by the Ricky vs. Rollie argument so I thought I would start a Fan Post to lure the comments over.

Here is the idea, we can make arguments as to who should start here, and also have a game by game critique of the goalkeeper of record so that we have access to data for later arguments.  So far to me, it looks like not too many people are using data to support their arguments, but rather taking a "you hate Ricky", or "DP sucks" stance.

Much like we did with the "first goal" threads, we will start it off with a thread for arguments (each comment should be a reply under that), one for games played Ricky, and one for games played Rollie, with each game being a reply with replys to that for noticing errors, strengths, weaknesses and anything else pertinent.

Some of these are starting to get a little testy, so let's remember, there is no animosity between us or any bad tidings for individual players, I'm sure all of us have the TEAM'S best interest at heart!

I attached a poll to see where we stand now and we can revisit monthly to see if we are right.  Feel free to add anything I've overlooked to the comment thread and if it is rec'd enough, I will add it to the poll.  Remember to look through some of the older threads and use some of the data and feel free to add any data as a reply to the "Data" thread.

Also, I think this is my first Fan gentle, I respond to criticism like DP's hip responds to back to back games!

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