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Islanders-Panthers [game thread]

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Next Game

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New York Islanders (4-1-2, 1st/Atl) at Florida Panthers (2-3, 5th/SE)
insurance/car rentals/finance or something] Center 7 p.m. EDT | MSG+2000 - NHL audio - WRHU 88.7
Colossus of Dander:
Litter Box Cats

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To recap from the Islanders: Rick DiPietro gets the call. Josh Bailey still sitting with Jack Hillen filling in for Andrew MacDonald.

Pick 'em

As mentioned in the preview, we're doing something a bit new: In one of the first comment subthreads, you pick who scores first (can be from either team) and pick the time of the goal. (The time is strictly for tiebreakers, but do be a lamb and format it as a 60-minute running clock: So if you think John Tavares scores the first goal 3:15 into the second period, you put: "Tavares, 23:15.") Hey, that kind of looks like scripture. Easy enough?

If you're doing this, please put your pick as a reply to the first person to enter their pick, to keep it smooth. Same as the beverage of choice subthreads. And get your pick in before the puck drops. We'll keep track, and the seasonlong winner, on his/her deathbed, will receive total consciousness.

Have a holly jolly game thread. Go Islanders, Go Bill Torrey.