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Islanders-Lightning [game thread]

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New York Islanders (3-1-2, 1st/Atl) @ Tampa Bay Lightning (4-1, 1st/SE)
7:30 EDT | [
A newspaper, believe it or not] Forum | MSG+2 (twice the plus!), WRHU 88.7
Static cling and ring around the collar too:
Raw Charge

New York Islanders @ Tampa Bay Lightning

Islanders Gameday: GoGo Speed 3.0 vs. Boucher 1-3-1

Complete Coverage >

Josh Bailey rests. Rick DiPietro starts. Nate Thompson and Sean Bergenheim try to remind us of 2008-10. Zenon Konopka reminds all of Lightningdom of the Power of Zeke.

Select your beverage of choice. Let's do this thing.