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Happy Birthday: Lighthouse Hockey turns 2

Whoa, whoa, whoa, this occasion does not require all <em>that</em>.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, this occasion does not require all that.

Note: I know you all don't come here to read about me, but forgive me this moment -- it's LHH's birthday.

Six years ago I stumbled upon a site written well enough to get me reading about baseball again, an achievement I thought impossible since a strike canceled the World Series. Five years ago that site moved to a budding "blog network" that was trying to find new ways to forge the balance between writers in need of outlets, fans in need of discussion, and communities in need of genesis. I thought, "I like this setup. I wish they had hockey."

Four years ago I noticed they added some hockey and I thought, "I wish they had an Islanders site." Sometime around there it occurred to me that if I want it, I might have to do it myself. So three years ago I started a trial run on a now-defunct network, where the Internet Archive still preserves a few amusing thoughts like this from 2007-08:

Jeff Tambellini, called up a few weeks ago to goose the scoring, has probably shown, I’m afraid, that he is not fit for this league. He also spent quality time on Nolan’s bench. Perhaps it’s harsh to pass judgment so soon, but his strengths are offensive skill, and those skills just do not seem to pose enough danger in the NHL.


Some topics are timeless, it seems!

Having found my personal life could survive blogging -- that baseball blog's first post intro is frighteningly familiar: "You'd think I would have outgrown this by now" -- I made the jump to SBN and this site, right before James Mirtle began recruiting a veritable army of hockey bloggers to fill out the SBN Hockey ranks.

But my jump was delayed a few weeks by my father's death in October 2008. Because life just works this way sometimes, the weekend of the death of my father -- a lifelong Blues fan who guided me to the Islanders -- the Blues visited the Coliseum for the Islanders' home opener. (I got the message, Dad. Now stop asking me how Al is doing and give me a better hint on where the treasure is buried.)

At first, as every blogger discovers, I was mostly ranting about RBK talking to myself. But I didn't mind. The goal was to grow slowly, and find similar souls with Blue & Orange in their hearts. I'm afraid if I list everyone who has helped launch this site or keep it alive today, I'd omit someone, but suffice to say the list is long, and wholly made of good people. For their efforts and mine, I'd say the work has been worth it. Because you all are here posing ideas about the Isles with good humor and insight.

Whenever Mrs. Lighthouse and I host a party, we naturally know everyone there and so at the end of the night we Wisniewski a bit we compare notes and wish to each other that we'd heard every funny moment from everyone who was there. After two years, this site has become like one of those parties -- I'm thrilled everyone is there, but I can't even keep up with all the good discussions and funny jokes and hair-pulling debates anymore.

Hopefully it will just keep getting better and more fun as the Islanders, through natural stops and starts, do likewise. There will be growing pains I'm sure -- and complaints to the Department of Complaints and General Unrest.

If we're lucky, this thing you'd think we would have outgrown by now will give us a very massive reward plated in silver and commemorated with a parade. But even if not, the journey at it relates to this corner of cyberspace will have been worth it. After two years here, I know that much.

So thank you, every one of you -- even those of you who have not sworn allegiance to Frans Nielsen and all that is Good and Danish.