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Islanders Power Ranking Survey

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This is an idea completely ripped off from the esteemed Capitals site Japers' Rink (which is not only a great site but also an inspiration for much thievery). So credit them for the idea and WebBard for suggesting we lift it.

Power Rankings are always funny to me: By nature, you're trying to guess who doesn't deserve the normal measure we use for teams (i.e., their record ... and that's not even getting into mikb's "real" record universe). So compiling power rankings can lead to interesting insight but also confounding confusion. (e.g. "Well I know this team is better than their record, but if I move them up then they'll be in sixth...and I don't know if I believe that...and now who do I move back?")

Then there is the whole diction: "Power." I'm pretty sure I was around when the first publication made "power rankings" for what surely wasn't hockey, but for the life of me I can't remember why that term was used. As in, "This team here? They've got lots of power. And that team over there? Well they had lots of power last week, but they have less power now. Is that clear?"

Regardless, here's the survey.

Note: Most of these were posted Oct. 18 (so before the Toronto game), but sadly there is no International Association of Power Rankings to decide which day of the week a publication compiles their rankings. So just keep in mind they won't always reflect the same moment in the schedule. Not that the voters can catch every game anyway.


Survey of Media Power Rankings

Outlet Rank Last Week Their Commentary
CBSSports (Oct. 18) 24 29 Never hurts to have a morale booster like being in first place to start a new week.
Col. Dispatch (Portzline, Oct. 18) 24 27 Not saying the Isles are good. But, like Edmonton in the West, they have nothing to lose this season and won't go away easy most nights.
ESPN (Oct. 18)
17 24 Josh Bailey (seven points in five games) has a message on behalf of his young Isles team: We're ready to win now!
Sportsnet (Brophy) 11 27 John Tavares returned to the lineup and scored a goal in the Islanders 5-2 win over the Avalanche.
Fox Sports (pts. %) 13(t) 23 Blake Comeau's two goals and three assists helped the Islanders collect five of the eight points that were on the table last week.
SB Nation (conf. rank) 5 13 The fact that the Isles have the record they do with the injuries they do is just remarkable.

So how does that look to you? Also: Any publications/ranking lists you'd rather see or would like added?



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