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Islanders-Maple Leafs [game thread]

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[Promo Note: I'll be on Rink Side Radio about 9:30 to talk about what is hopefully still a strong Islanders start. Details at From the Rink. Direct blogtalkradio link here. If you tune in, you might discover I'm actually a robot.]

Next Game

Nyi-n_medium Tor-leftto_medium
New York Islanders (2-1-2) @ Toronto Maple Leafs (4-0)
7 p.m. EDT | [transport or something] Centere | MSG+ | WRHU 88.7

More Burkean than Bolingbrokean: Pension Plan Puppets

Dwayne Roloson's new mask is fantastic [Fanshot]
Islanders Gameday: First vs. First (?!) in Toronto, with contrasting styles

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Will Dwayne Roloson catch lightning in a bottle twice in Toronto? Will he even need to? Find out all of this and more, in the next episode of "As First-Place Teams Turn."

On the 18th day, of the 10th month, in the Third Year of Our Snow Rebuild, there was a game thread. This here thread is that.

Note: During the 2nd period, we're likely to get visitors from jovial Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets. That will make the thread look somewhat chaotic, confusing and quite possibly broken for a period. So hide your kids, hide your wife, and don't take anything too seriously. (Looks in mirror: Yeah you too.) Bring out your mid-level meats and cheeses, and send the PPPeople home with Aunt Matilda's fruitcake and any other leftovers that do not need to be declared at customs.

Let's have fun 'cause we're all hockey fans with nothing better to do.