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Bits: Jurcina, first place, and the Bailey decision

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Always a fun picture.
Always a fun picture.

"Headlights pointed at the dawn
We were sure we'd never see an end ... to it all."
  ~ "1979"

Various links and sundry after last night's 5-2 win over the Avalanche at the Coliseum follow the jump.

(Part of the purpose of these is for later, if you thought you remembered someone somewhere say something, you can go to the game listing here and and find the links post that maybe-just-maybe will help.)


The Game

  • Ken's gamer on Jurcina! and a brief note on Kyle Okposo in a sling [Okposo Net]
  • I made a "Bruno"-ish joke about Jurcina's importance in the season preview -- which I do in view of my own Eastern European roots -- but to be fair I should point out what a beautiful region he's from. His hometown in Slovakia gives you views like this: [Liptovský Mikuláš]
  • The Isles gamer with lots of quotes, including sincere ones from Dwayne Roloson on Josh Bailey [Islanders]
  • Eric Hornick's "Skinny" [Forever1940]
  • Jurcina: "Everyone in this room can score." [Daily News]
  • Newsday recap [sub.]
  • 7th Woman's gamer is here, but she has a separate post: 'Gordon: Garth doesn't get enough credit' [7th Woman
  • A note about that one: Perhaps as significant in those Gordon quotes is how he described the decision to keep Bailey two winters ago, which might hint at how they approach the Nino decision: "...We knew that if [Bailey] stayed here, we could get a lot of the bad things out of his game and make the process quicker for him. If we had sent him back to Junior, he would have gotten a bunch of points, probably would’ve won the Memorial Cup with the team that won it. (He) Would’ve gone to World Juniors, but at the end of the day, right now, he could be the player we saw last year instead of being the player he is now.."
  • Harding recalls how upset some were at the '08 draft with the trade down and selection of Bailey, which drove me absolutely batty then and has me feeling quietly smug now. [Eyes on the Isles]
  • Chris Botta says Blake Comeau had a foot wallop and is in question. [Twitter]

Other Topics

  • Katie Strang says Nathan Lawson is going through waivers. [Twitter]
  • One user review of the WRHU radio signal: Strong. [FanPost]
  • Words of contrition from Wisniewski on the Wisniewski Gesture [FanHouse]
  • Fornabaio sums up Bridgeport's scoring woes thus far [Soundin' Off] One night Hamonic, last night Rhett.
  • Michael Peca is among 20 NHLers suing a guy for bilking them. [Daily News]
  • The Red Wings make like the Devils before them. All of these teams that don't leave room under the cap for injuries, well, they get what they deserve. [LeBrun]
  • Monday's opponent is the Leafs, which means the usual onslaught of Toronto-shaded coverage. A bunch on the Leafs at the Globe and Mail beat blog here.

Happy Sunday. Enjoy first place in the Atlantic.