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A brief snapshot of frivolous absurdity

It's 1984 all over again!
It's 1984 all over again!

I've seen an astounding number of mainstream articles reading great meaning into the 2-0 start by Toronto, the 0-2 start by Pittsburgh and the 0-1-1 start by Chicago -- just to name a few. You know, because two games does a season make. I would link to them, but they don't deserve any more attention.

So instead of beating them, I'll join them: OMG! With today's win, the 1-0-1 Isles are in first* place!

*the Flyers, also at 1-0-1, play Colorado tonight. So with a Flyers win or OT/SO loss, the Islanders would tumble from the throne tonight. And the season would be lost after two games.

**Not that I won't enjoy today a wee bit, mind you.