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Bits: More Stars-Islanders rehash, Tavares and Bailey

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This is a periodic feature as time allows. (A bit late, but as Ozzy quipped, many of you are at church praying for John Tavares's recovery anyway. Or nursing Yankees hangovers, if so inclined. Or is it football? Tsk, these "other" sports.)

In addition to those in our recap last night, some more links about the Islanders-Stars game plus a teaser of who plays center if Tavares is out (hint: He had a great game last night.):

"Our guy, I knew, was going to dump it. Just as he dumped it, Tavares turned around as I was skating that way. I think it was an unfortunate thing. I sure didn't mean to go after him in open ice," Burish said. "I hope that means he's back next game."
  • More views from the Dallas side: Dallas News recap, game notes, then day-after at Defending Big D.
  • "The Skinny" at the official site with stat man Eric Hornick. The 47 shots were the Isles' highest since October 2008. [Islanders]
  • Official site recap: With AP placeholder replaced by Dylan LeBourdais' write-up.
  • Newsday's recap from Katie Strang
  • Mark Herrmann wrote a column. [Newsday - $5 please]
  • Bridgeport: The kids are alright. Offense flowed in a shootout win. [Soundin' Off - Fornabaio]
  • 7th Woman with two updates, a brief on the game scene and one on the press scene with Stan Fischler in the house.
  • Islesblogger liked the new boys. [Islesblogger]
  • Ken Dick at Okposo Net -- who had the classic Twitter line last night about Jamie Benn being knocked into next week, where he might know who wins the ALCS -- believes last night was a harbinger of the wild ride to come with this team.
  • NYIFYI on various players, including: "Mark Eaton is a good skater, but definitely avoids contact."
  • Finally: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things. The complaint is always that the Isles can't haul in the top-tier free agents, which is true. The oft-glossed-over part of that complaint is that the top free agents available each summer usually have inflated pricetags with strings attached. You can look at the list now for next summer's top UFAs, but in truth the best ones will be locked up by their teams before hitting the market because teams don't let their best players slip away. [ESPN - LeBrun]

Happy Sunday and football and all that. Battle of New York resumes tomorrow afternoon. Don't miss WebBard's post on why it's the best in NYC sports.