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Islanders at Coyotes [game thread]

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Blade-square_medium Phx-win-new_medium
New York Islanders (18-19-8, 11th/East) at Phoenix Coyotes (26-15-4, 4th/West)
8 p.m. EST | [is that really a dot-com?] Arena | MSG+, radio
Survivors of the Balsillie Bastardly Bombardment: Five for Howling

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For any Phoenix fans: Use of that crest is not a dig. It's a reflection of my enjoyment of the franchise history of any team not on Broadway. And I love the lines in hockey crests. (Speaking of: which Jets logo was better? The newer one always seemed a little too slick for me, though it did fix the very '70s/WHA flavor of its predecessor. But I was a fan of the local flair of the original Coyotes logo -- the new dog is so generic -- so my tastes aren't, uh, commonly shared.)

This is the game thread, same rules as yesterday's game thread. I won't be around though, so party amongst yourselves.

The more you know: Why the separation between preview post and game threads? The theory is that in-game and post-game instant reactions are more anything-goes style, so you're not expected to make as much sense or stay as on topic as in comments for a regular post. Plus, during high volume times, it's definitely helpful to have the in-game comments be their own animal.