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Islanders-Stars [game thread of DiPietro's return]

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Isle-east_medium Dal-shoulder_medium
New York Islanders (18-18-8, 11th/East) at Dallas Stars (18-14-11, 10th/West)
8:30 p.m. EST | [something about air transport] Center | MSG+, radio
If you have to live in Texas, at least there's hockey: Defending Big D

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Rick DiPietro: The Return.

We've had a spate of new users sign up recently (with some pretty classic names, I must say). So I'll repeat the deal for all you new fully operational members, or anyone who likes to shoot the breeze during a game. This is your in-game comment thread:

It's basically a wide open, in-game (and post-game) chat, except you can reply to specific threaded comments -- the reply button is your friend -- and no one is controlling the conversation. Sometimes there's a lot of users, sometimes just a few. It ebbs and flows. When it's a few, I'll use the thread to record observation about the game, but don't let that turn you off. This kind of thread is here for every game, and you can do with it what you want (within reason): Talk the game/Islanders/general hockey, or talk your favorite music, mom's special orange scone recipe, and how that rug really tied the room together. There are tools for adding hyperlinks and photos within comments, too. Under the orange bar at the top of the Comments section, you'll notice a few keyboard shortcuts in fine print. Those are helpful for busy threads.

I use "foul" language selectively (in part because many LH stories are circulated to Yahoo, in part because it takes a while to get me truly pissed off), but I don't censor comments for language. We're adults, we can handle it and we can moderate it if our sailor elements get out of control. So be cool, be funny, be whatever you want outside of the obvious non-starters and flashpoints of racism/slurs/politics and anything else I'm forgetting. Just don't abuse or agitate each other and don't post pictures that would cause your mother to disown you.