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Islanders-Avalanche [game thread]

Next Game

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New York Islanders (17-18-8, t-9th/E) at Colorado Avalanche (24-13-6, 5th/W)
9 p.m. EST | [Some creator of epically crappy national chants] Center | MSG+, radio
Avalanche survivors: Mile High Hockey | Jibblescribbits
Online: This game also streaming on Yahoo!

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Tavares vs. Duchene. Roloson vs. Anderson. The goalie we wanted in the offseason vs. the goalie we signed (and, truly, are quite grateful to have). But most of all...

Darcy Tucker vs. Jon Sim! ... Irritable dirtbag vs. irritating hands of stone! FEEL THE POWER! (It's okay, even Avs fans hate Tucker.)

Stuff that will not cheer you up, but is fun reading: B.D. ripping into Newsday and Eden Laikin's reporting, now that she has a, ahem, comfy political flak position; Nick on the same, as well as wondering about Ed Mangano, who hired her.

This is your game thread. Sorry about it putting normal sleep patterns to the test. Stupid Westerners just haaaave to have a different time zone, don't they.