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Buncha' blowhards with all your hot air

"But enough about me. Let's hear you talk about me."

-- a faux-narcissist line that a good friend of mine likes to use at parties

Some of you know of the Isles "blog-off" at the NHL Arena message boards. Thanks to you who voted for this site: We're in the finals now, and after that I believe they'll run each team's winner up against each other (which will no doubt be a simple test of which NHL team has more fans on the board. Alas.).

*  *  *

One of the things that's long overdue from me is a better guide for those who like to comment here (and those who think about commenting but are waiting for the right trigger). Something to better demonstrate all the bells and whistles of this site. I'll get around to that one day, but the daily stuff of my actual job following this team tends to get in the way.

Long-term I want to encourage more featured voices, too, as the ideal for me (and the reason I came to SBN) was to use the SBN Mothership's weapons to host a fun, smart community of friendly Islanders fans who can shoot the breeze about the team. Like a neighborhood bar, spread out across multiple countries and time zones, where I just make sure the lights are on and the kegs are full. Oh, and that the door-to-door pill salesmen gets thrown out.

When I rebuke myself for not working harder at that goal, I take solace in the fact I really like what we already have here: Whether you comment every day or once a month or just via email or Twitter/Facebook, y'all are great. (Don't tell the bosses, but I also much prefer steady, organic, natural growth rather than growth based on b00b shots.)

Anyway, SBN gave us a code to retrieve the most frequent commenters of the last year. Without further ado, here are 2009's top Lighthouse Hockey commenters (excluding myself: It's really sad how many comments I have.) Cheers and sincere thanks to all of you for making this fun -- whether you love or hate Andy Sutton, whether you share my Frans Nielsen Fanboydom or not, whether you think the fifth Cup is five years or a lifetime away:

Most Active Commenters

User Count
Dominik 5776
WebBard 1023
Chickendirt 697
bob l 427
metalcoconut 323
TheMetalChick 245
Cal_IslandersFan 238
ogam5 234
AP77 229


I just have one question: What on earth is the matter with you people?! You can't spend all your life on the Internet, you know.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.