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Pick Rick DiPietro's next start

So Rick DiPietro is going on this three-game road trip, and those closest to the tea leaves of this tight-lipped club predict he will get a start.

It would be very Islanders-like to sort of sneak him in a start in a Western time zone here, under the cover of as much obscurity as possible (i.e. Phoenix). But you make the call:

Do you start him Wednesday against Colorado, fifth overall in the league (by points) but firing just 26 shots per game? Or Friday in Dallas -- the worst team of the bunch at 16th overall, but throwing 32.3 shots per game at opposing goaltenders? Or in the anonymity of Phoenix Saturday, his last NHL opponent one year ago, but probably the best team on the trip: tied with Colorado for fifth overall and firing nearly 30 (29.9) shots per game?

For what it's worth, the Avalanche haven't played since Saturday; the Stars will have played the same night as the Isles-Avs tilt (Wednesday) at Madison Square Garden, and the Coyotes will have played two nights earlier in Vancouver.

Vote in the poll and, if you like, show your work and your goalie rotation (Biron?) in comments.