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Islanders-Panthers [matinee game thread]

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Next Game

Nyi-n_medium Fla-clawr_medium
New York Islanders (23-24-8, 13th/E) at Florida Panthers (23-22-9, 11th/E)
4 p.m. EST | [car rental or bank or such] Arena | MSG+, radio
Furry Feline Folks: Litter Box Cats

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If you're looking for reactions to the big Burke trades this morning: SBN's Matchsticks & Gasoline has a nice run-down from the struggling Flames' side; essentially: Re-allocating resources. In the Globe & Mail, Eric Duhatschek -- never quick to drink kool-aid -- praises Burke, while James Mirtle outlines the cap ramifications. Ducks views include a grateful Sleek at Battle of California, and the tag team at Anaheim Calling.

PPP has some Leafs cult reaction, which will no doubt 180 from hating Frankenphaneuf and all he stands for to suddenly anointing him Luke Schenn II, which would carry its own delicious irony. Finally, if you can't get enough rips at the Cro-Magnon brow of Dion, this M&G FanShot will give you a good chuckle.

Meanwhile, disappointingly, Wang's China wanderlust sure looks like it now includes next summer's training camp.

I'll probably note any lineup changes and general tomfoolery in game thread comments.