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Quick View: Trevor Gillies, Saturday's enforcer

So the Islanders have rediscovered the enforcer role, signing AHL Bridgeport's Trevor Gillies to a NHL contract and calling him up in time for Saturday's matinee in Philadelphia. (Tim Jackman, who had become the Islanders' resident enforcer-by-default, is still injured.)

When Gillies (no relation to Jethro) plays, this will be his second NHL game, at age 31. His first was with Mighty Era Anaheim and featured this line:

4 shifts, 2:40 TOI (allegedly 1:21 on the powerplay?!), 1 shot, 5 penalties, 21 PIM.

Here is his fight card, and here is a lengthy fight from that first NHL game, where scary Wild Derek Boogard got him pretty good in the end:

h/t to readers Nystrom and Hanz und Franz for some links and insight from Thursday's game thread. Time to put on the foil.