Suspension of Disbelief

So, no suspension on Colin White for turning Sean Bergenheim 's nose into what looked like an overcooked tortellini in pink sauce. And you know, that would not have gotten me upset IF Andy Sutton had not been suspended for two frickin games for doing the exact same thing in his hit on Pascal Dupuis. The only difference between the two hits was the considerable size differential on the Sutton hit, and the fact that Bergie did not position himself in the same dangrous position... he was (smartly) closer to the boards, so he wasnt hurt as badly. He was still hurt, mind you- just not AS badly.

Honestly, I think that NEITHER should have been a suspension. And I of course think that when two nearly idential moves are made, they should be punished equally. However, once again, its the Isles player who is used as the example.

I know Colin Campbells Rangers history makes him hate the Islanders... but even more than that, I think he has never recovered from being right there during Game 3 of the 82 Cup finals- when Bossy scored with both feet off the ice. The Canucks have never won anything... because of us... and IMO Campbell will never forget it. Fortunately for him, the very next game was when the Isles went up against his son... so I was not surprised at all that a suspension took place.

I just want CONSISTENCY... why is that such an impossible concept for the NHL?

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