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Islanders-Devils [game thread]

Next Game

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New Jersey Devils (33-15-1, 2nd/E) at New York Islanders (23-20-8, t-7th/E)
7 p.m. | Kate Murray's Coliseum | MSG, MSG+, radio
Browsing flea markets for regenerative Lou elixir: In Lou We Trust

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DiPietro versus... a guy. Six-game home win streak and 7th place hangs in the balance!

I won't be around for this one, so have fun and be cool. Pretty simple, really. Hopefully when I get back, the comments will make me want to watch a great game on DVR.

I try to keep it wide-open for game threads -- a game naturally brings out the emotional highs and lows. At our current size, that hasn't been a problem.

So: just don't antagonize others, don't feed trolls and don't hit f-bomb just for the hell of it. (I don't ban salty language, but it's also easier on people when used naturally and in moderation. We all come from a bunch of different places and different backgrounds here, and the community is young.)