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Islanders-Penguins [game thread]

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New York Islanders (22-19-8, 8th/E) at Pittsburgh Penguins (30-19-1, 4th/E)
7 30 p.m. EST | [spherical fruit] Arena | MSG+, radio
Discovering that dynasty-building is hard: Pensburgh
Islanders Gameday: No time for pats on the back in Pittsburgh

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This game, I failed to report earlier, starts at 7:30 -- not 7 p.m. Adjust your consumption schedule accordingly.

Word still was that Brent Johnson -- once known as "Big" Johnson to crease mate Roman Turek's "Large" -- is due to start, which makes Pens fans nervous given the whole coming-back-from-groin-injury thing.

'The More You Know' Tip of the Day: In game recaps and also in those little game thread boxes [^^above^^], the link that says "Complete Coverage" takes you to an event page that shows you stats, score, and links to every post associated with a particular game: Posts from both this site and the opponent's SBN site (Pensburgh, today). That means if someone posted a FanPost or FanShot with content related to this game -- and they tagged it with the event accordingly -- it will also show up on that page. For example, here's the event page for the shutout of the Devils. (And yes, it's quite possible I only mention this as an excuse to bring that game up one more time. So sue me.)