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Islanders-Devils [matinee game thread]; DiPietro starts again

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Colnj-cmouth_medium Nyi-lown_medium
New Jersey Devils (32-13-1, 2nd/E) at New York Islanders (21-19-8, 8th/E)
2 p.m. EST | Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] V.M. Coliseum | MSG+/+2, radio
Stuck at work? The game stream is on Yahoo.
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"Defenders could stay just close enough, within arm's length or stick-length, so that if necessary they could reach out and tug just a little, hold back just a little. Not quite enough for a penalty, it seemed; entirely enough to do the job. It didn't seem like much, just more borderline infractions in a game already heavily laden with them. It was the beginning of what years later in epidemic form became known as 'obstruction'."

>>Ken Dryden, in an added chapter to the 20th anniversary edition of his book, The Game

This is today's in-game thread. Loud cheers. High-pitch, youthful cheers. And a let's-go-Islanders, please. If you haven't heard, Scott Gordon is starting Rick DiPietro again, wanting to give him the two games in three days test.

This game is also streamed on Yahoo.