Continuing the Drive for Five: What the End of Garth's Five Year Plan May Look Like

Islanders83 (via questcup)

As I pointed out on another thread, it would be great if Garth pursued some limited options consistent with rebuilding to improve the team. Perhaps if there is some good news coming out of this next meeting on the 22nd, Wang might give him the green light to go after Babchuk, sign Phil Kessel to an offer sheet, and trade Park for Byfuglien.

The other scenario is also of interest. We stay with the guys we have and give everyone a shot. Maybe do the Park-Byfuglien thing, but otherwise just trade Weight, Biron, and Sutton for picks.

Then we fall into the bottom five, catch lightning in a bottle and get boosted to #1 overall again. Phoenix is just a few spots back and wants Hall bad enough to trade their first rounder from Calgary which either doesn’t make the playoffs or bows out in the first round. With a top five pick, a mid first round pick, four second rounders, and two third rounders, we have more than enough assets to draft Cam AND Teemu.

Boston will be desperate for cap space and will likely be happy to talk turkey regarding Stuart who they will not be able to sign. I am guessing that LA may have done well enough to impress Kovalchuk and LA may, in turn, be impressed enough with him to drop Frolov. If we can sign him to a two to three year deal, that should give Teemu enough time to fulfill his Jokerit contract and get seasoned at Bridgeport.

Fowler, Hamonic, and MacDonald should be well blooded by the start of the 2011-12 season as well and, along with Stuart, should be more than adequate replacements for Witt, Martinek, Sutton, and Meyer. And the rebuild should be completed shortly as DeHaan, Ness, Niemi, the younger Kessel, and Klementyev join the defensive core while Streit and Gervais are eventually traded for picks.

Koskinnen and Nilsson should be completely ready and, if DP is healthy and is performing well, his contract will be short enough that he would look very attractive to Colorado if their goaltending is still unresolved. A first and a third round pick from them together with a first and third rounder for Streit and a first or second rounder for Gervais will keep the flow of talent going. Also players like Anders Lee, Casey Cizikas, and Matt Martin should be pushing for roster spots which will add complexity and depth. And then Garth’s five year plan—begun in 2008—will have been completed. Let the Drive for Five recommence!!!

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