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Labor Day LHinks: Roloson is the Bester

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you're lounging around, about to grill some meat (or tofu), appreciating the strides made by those who came before. If you are working, you should consider unionizing: Take the NHLPA for example, which has lovely leadership and $6,000 relocation stipends.

I'm not working -- I'm stripping and staining furniture. Which means I'd rather be working ... and none of this makes sense.

  • Do you remember Allan Bester, goalie for the Leafs? Or those collectible NHL sticker books in the '80s? Bester was notorious in my immature circle of friends for the expression he had in his portrait one year -- an expression that I can only say had a Hugh Grant's-embarrassing-moment look to it. (Sorry, we were dumb kids.) Anyway, Bester was Dwayne Roloson's favorite goalie, which is an excuse to get that off my chest. [Islanders Q&A]
  • Here's a phrase I expect to use again: Nick analyzes the unsettling news about Lighthouse project progress. [Let There be Light(house)]
  • "Coyote Ugly" was the topic of the weekend at Mirtle's From the Rink: The mythical Leafs veto ("yes" for expansion, "no" for relocation); former Citizen Jerry and Glendale are no longer friends; and a more realistic relocation fee is over $100 million.
  • The ones who walk away are happily shown the door: Lowetide parses GM-speak about Mike Comrie and the Oilers.
  • If you're dreaming of an Islanders run at Phil Kessel, Brian Burke just netted the assets he needs to deliver an offer sheet. [Puck Daddy] Also: The B's aren't thrilled with Kessel's agent. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Aging ex-Islander Mathieu Schneider's contract with the Canucks is built on bonuses. [Nucks Misconduct]