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Emery taunts; I guess we should be afraid or something

Q: Do you think you're a better goaltender than Marty Biron?

A:  "I can't tell you that, but on any given night if we play them this year, we're going to win."

>>Ray Emery Q&A at CSNPhilly

Oh, Ray-ray. It's going to be fun having you in the division, you reformed KHLer you.

Honestly, though, that was one throw-away kicker at the end of what was a pretty interesting interview. Far more substantive stuff was covered regarding Emery's tastes and past in Ottawa. But naturally, that was the money quote used as a headline bullet on XM's NHL Home Ice 90-second, around-the-league wrap this a.m. Don't you just love manufactured outrage? (And don't you love me taking the bait while pretending not to take the bait?)

Frankly, his answer was rooted in truth: He's quite possibly weaker than the former Islanders-killer Biron (thus the hedged "I can't tell you that"), but he is on a better team (hence the bravado): The Islanders went 0-4-2 against the Flyers last year.

Now they have Chris Pronger. The Isles (presumably) have health and John Tavares. Will Biron's skill and motivation against the team that couldn't squeeze his contract wishes under the cap steal the Islanders a win or two? Will Emery's head flare up and cost them a game or soap opera -- or both?

First bout is Nov. 25 at Nassau Coliseum.