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Lunch LHinks: Daly on Kelly; did Isles bid more for Tanguay?

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Opening night is one month away. I'm not really fond of summer weather going away, but hockey always eases the pain of colder walks and less sunlight. And it's cool to see the hockey world heating up with anticipation.

To the links, then:

  • We'll never know exactly what level of interest the Islanders showed in Alex Tanguay (do you trust the self-interested agent, or project the intentions of the tight-lipped GM?). But Pierre LeBrun's interview with Tanguay leaves open the possibility the new Lightning winger declined a higher bid from Garth Snow. (Minnesota's bid was believed to be the same as the one he accepted from Tampa Bay.) Personally, I'm skeptical. But Snow doesn't suffer from the impression he tried.
  • Mrs. Lighthouse and I have a new instantly-depreciating asset car that came with three free months of satellite radio, so NHL Home Ice is doing its best to get me to buck up for a package. This is a solid (audio) interview with Bill Daly -- talking points on Balsillie and Versus, but insight on Paul Kelly and the CBA in the final third.
  • Ah, but did Paul Kelly pull a Saskin? And if he did "peek," was it because the PA's executive board was violating its own constitution? Paranoia, dysfunction and a charge from within.
  • The sweet Calgary Flames retros "are an exact replica of the team's original sweaters that the Flames wore in the 1908s, save for the 30th anniversary patch." Oh, and save for that stupid NHL patch that must be front-and-center and color-clashing, on every collar. Uni Watch calls this "logo creep." Archaeologists will one day attribute the fall of Western civilization to this.
  • The Sporting News picks the Islanders 29th. Update: And TSN pegs them at 28th.
  • Nick with the latest dirt on the Lighthouse project: No vote, just hearings Sept. 22.
  • I don't agree with the premise here -- the Penguins' haul of washed-up vets for Crosby's rookie year was not a success, in my book, but rather a lesson to use down years to grow your youngsters. But it's a fun debate. There are only certain kinds of veterans you can add to your youth movement who won't pout when things go sour. Doug Weight is one.
  • Someone's ready for the season: *sing-song* "Jason Blake and 7th Woman, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..."
  • Okposo Net shares that excitement, except with less Blake love.