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Islanders' Kansas City game tickets: As low as $10

I purchased my tickets for the Islanders Kansas City game a while ago, knowing full well that there would likely still be good seats available right before the event. As far as proving a market's viability for NHL hockey, I always thought a Tuesday night was a curious sell. But I imagine the Sprint Center takes what it can. (For the record, I'm neutral on K.C. as an NHL market. Selfishly, it's a manageable road trip, but I don't want the Isles there and am not qualified to judge whether they could make a team work.)

Anyway, you can bet I paid more than $25 for a seat. Today I got an email from the Sprint Center about tickets for this game (because every time I've ever made a consumer transaction with any Ticketbastard-affiliated outfit, they've seen it as right to continue spamming me with event info for that venue, even when I don't live there). The email advertises tickets as low as $10. Not bad seats, either: $10 would get me seated in the 25th row of the 100-level, in a section in the corner. Meanwhile, $25 would seat me 12 rows back at center ice. Quite a price drop going on.

(All prices mentioned are before "facility," "convenience" and "we-screw-you-because-we-can" fees, of course.)

This information is provided to you without further comment, because I thought you'd care. But as always, your comments are certainly welcome.