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Bright Side: Coyotes move would bring $6k per player

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Forget for a moment that a woman bid for the franchise pre-bankruptcy so that her husband could have a team. Today is a pretty serious day in the Coyotes ownership fight.

So why not soften it with some silliness? The following clause in the CBA always makes me chuckle, considering the amount of money that flies around this league (this season's minimum salary for new contracts is $500,000):

13.7 Expansion Draft, Team Relocation. Any Player forced to move as a result of being claimed in an expansion draft, or as a result of a team relocation, shall be paid $6,000. (This payment shall not affect or be credited against "moving expenses" to which the Player might otherwise be entitled).

I know team captain Shane Doan wants to stay in Phoenix because he's spent his whole career trying to build something there, his family likes it there, and his network includes the whole organization and arena staff.

But come on, man: Six thousand dollars! On top of moving expenses!

No doubt, a disinclination to go to war over this figure was yet another reason Paul Kelly just had to go.