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Islanders make first cuts; de Haan remains

Hey cool! Hockey talk that doesn't involve hits to the head, The Code, and the murky sporting line between our lust for violence and our concern for human health!

Katie Strang reports at Newsday/Isles Files: Forward Casey Cizikas (2009, 4th round) and defenseman Travis Harmonic (2008, 2nd round) were the first two cuts from camp. Junior teams are gathering now, so this is appropriate -- they each got in a little exposure and the rookie game. I'll update the camp roster here.

What I like about this is that this summer's other first round pick Calvin de Haan remains. He logged 21:05 with a goal and +1 the other night vs. the Oilers. I don't want them to rush his development by any means, but I do want him to stick around as long as possible to show me his hockey sense and get a taste of the big life, you know what I mean?

Any specific cuts you're expecting? It's okay if you have a family member or friend in camp -- you can tell us he's Mike Bossy reincarnated and we won't bite. Too much.