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Islanders vs. Canucks in Hockeyville [open thread]

Nyi-oldzoom_medium Van-rink_medium
Special "Hockeyville 2009" event at Terrace Sportsplex in buzzing Terrace, British Columbia

Islanders lineup [No Tavares; more on that here] | Canucks lineup/links (and fan thread) at: Nucks Misconduct

Lots of photos at and at Joe Pelletier's Greatest Hockey Legends

Game is at 10:00 EDT, but telecasts delayed till 10:30 | NHL Network, CBC, MSG+,

The NHL's first game thread of 2009-10! It's past your bedtime on a work night!

Okay, so it's preseason. And alright, so players have been in camp for basically two days. And it doesn't start 'till 10:30 EDT. But it's live hockey. Quasi-NHL level. With real uniforms 'n stuff.

What's a game thread? More on that and the full Isles lineup after the jump...

On SB Nation sites like this one, a popular feature is the live game threads, which are just like regular posts -- but when traffic is high, the comments flow like a (much more organized) chat room rather than a less-whizbangy blog. So if you're sitting around watching the game, or even watching from a bar or on location, you can leave comments here and banter about proceedings. If you want to banter with some Nucks fans, they're a friendly bunch over at Nucks Misconduct, too.

Sometimes they're crazy. Sometimes they're sleepy. Often, those two extremes are inversely related to how compelling the game is. Depends on who stops by, who's been drinking, and who's got an essay to get off their chest. God-willing and the Internet don't crash, I'll be here adding notes. Photos and recap to come tomorrow.

Drop the puck, baby!

Lineup [Note: These aren't the line combos; I just organized them that way 'cause I'm visual like that]

Jeff Tambellini | Josh Bailey | Blake Comeau
Jon Sim | Trevor Smith | Sean Bentivoglio
Matt Moulson | Nate Thompson | Tim Jackman
Greg Mauldin | Greg Moore | Jeremy Reich

Andy Sutton | Freddy Meyer
Jack Hillen | Andrew MacDonald
Dustin Kohn | Mark Flood

Goalies: Scott Munroe / Nathan Lawson