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LHinks: Islanders camp roster, Lighthouse Project crisis edition

"After nearly eight years, Kate Murray has decided to unleash multiple demands to once again delay and jeopardize the Lighthouse project with only a few weeks before the October 3rd certainty date. This project, with all its benefits in this tough economic climate, constantly falls into political roadblocks."

>>Islanders owner Charles Wang, as quoted in Newsday

I said the other day I was going to focus on the joy of hockey rather than sweating the Lighthouse Project knife-edge staring us in the face, but obviously Kate Murray isn't going to let that happen. This roller coaster is fully operational.

Before we get to the pain, here is some quick therapy: A brief training camp primer in Newsday. Meanwhile, here is a glimpse at what the training camp roster should look like: veterans/pros + Tavares | prospects/amateurs.

While trying not to rage about Murray, I'm going to laugh at the three-way Heatley/Marleau/Frolov deal that was -- or maybe wasn't. This is the second wild-hair deal attributed to ESPN's John Buccigross this summer, no?

Latest Murray/Lighthouse Project news and reaction:

  • The above quoted story, where the County Exec and Wang each fume at Murray's late-hour stipulations. [Newsday]
  • Tireless observer Nick Giglia reacts: "Kate Murray has proven, once again, that she lives in a bubble and, if she isn't completely tone-deaf, she plays the part quite well." [Let There be Light(house)]
  • ...which must mean it's satire time. Enter B.D. Gallof in a Photoshop onslaught. [Islanders Independent]
  • Dee shakes her fist at the madness. [7th Woman]