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LHinks: NHLPA dirt; Wang's Lighthouse deadline; Duncan MacPherson's death revisited

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The eagerly awaited (*chirp* ... *chirp*) Frans Nielsen report card (and lyric) will be up later today. But September is here, and you can feel it in the Islanders bloggerati coming to life. First this:

  • NHLPA Dirt: Another damning piece [Sportsnet/Spector] ... And if the sources in this piece are to believed, there is reason to damn those behind the palace coup [NESN/Murphy] ... But the reasons are still a mystery because -- get this quote from Chris Chelios: "We want to talk to the players first and inform them." [Globe and Mail] You mean, inform them why you just fired the guy you hired after a national search less than two years ago? Good idea. ... Here's Duhatschek's take. ... Like many, USA Today's Kevin Allen worries this spells C-O-L-D W-A-R. You get the feeling the media is skeptical, eh? Been watching the NHL all my life, but if there's a work stoppage next go-round, I'll be moving on for good.
  • No surprise, Down Goes Brown brings the funny with a transcript of the fabled NHLPA meeting.
  • Vancouver thinks they'll have Roberto Luongo extended before training camp. [Globe and Mail]
  • These NHL2K10 outdoor and vintage jersey images are stunning. [Puck Daddy]

Enough of all that. Here is some Islanders chatter to chew on:

As always, if you have more interesting links (even your own) to add, don't be shy; leave 'em in comments.